Woodcat matatabi dental sticks (x6)

Make your kitty’s day 100% better with the Woodcat Matatabi Dental Sticks. Crafted with natural, unprocessed Silvervine twigs, this exciting “nature’s cat toy” is sure to make your cat get off the couch and play. Wonderful for their dental hygiene and physical & mental well-being, these wood sticks keep them healthy while they’re having fun.

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2 reviews for Woodcat matatabi dental sticks (x6)

  1. Virginia nazar puno

    I want To try your product for by cat
    He only 12 weeks old ,,,

  2. Antonin

    Hello Virginia, it’s Antonin from Woodcat. I just sent you an email to answer your question. To sum up, yes the product is perfectly fine for kitties I would simply recommand people to watch over the cat during the play session

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